Top 25 Hotties of 2016 (HD) Margot Robbie, Jessica Alba

December 29, 2016 Top 25 Hotties 2016!

Reaching the end of another calendar prompts us to once again look back on a year chock full of hottie happenings. This was a time of changes in so many ways, but especially when it comes to the women who made our lives just a little bit better with all the hotness they brought. Many previous lists have looked remarkably similar to each other, distinguished only by the occasional dark horse here and there. Arriving at our final 2016 list quickly made it clear how this year's list was nearly all dark horses, with only a few regulars managing to hang on, often with much lower standings.

In a year when things were constantly in upheaval, it should come as no surprise the same should be true of the women who impressed us most through the course of the year. We're not complaining though. A little change now and then is a healthy thing. Now let us see who made our list of 2016's Top 25 Hotties!

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